Joint call for research applications on "Active and Healthy Ageing Across the Life Course"

The call is now closed.


On 1st June 1011 the European Research Area in Ageing (ERA-AGE 2)  launched Europe's first joint research programme in the ageing field by publishing a call for multidisciplinary research applications on "Active and Healthy Ageing Across the Life Course".

The call is dedicated to the achievement of enhanced and healthy ageing and, in particular, to address the major priority established by the AHAIP (Active and Healthy Ageing Innovation Partnership) of a 2 year increase in healthy life expectancy in the European Union by 2020.

Twelve funders in nine countries have committed €4.2 million to fund research projects of up to three years. This is Europe's first joint call for ageing research and follows the second round of ERA-AGE's post-doctoral fellowship programme, FLARE (Future Leaders of Ageing Research in Europe).

Applications were invited from multidisciplinary research groups representing 3 to 5 funding countries. Stage-one pre-proposals were submitted between 1 June 2011 and 3 October 2011 to investigate specific research questions related to these three objectives of the call:

•   Generate new knowledge on the biological, clinical, behavioural, social and environmental factors that enable individuals to live actively and healthily into later life.
•   Explore comparatively different models, methods, approaches and good practices in societal responses to increased longevity which emphasise both social inclusion and sustainability.
•   Engage in effective knowledge exchange activities that will assist European and other countries to achieve the goal of increasing healthy life expectancy by 2 years by 2020.


Funding agencies from UK, Canada, Finland, France, Sweden, Israel, Luxembourg, Latvia, Romania are supporting the joint call:


•   Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), UK
•   Fonds de la Recherche en Santé du Québec (FRSQ), Canada
•   Academy of Finland, Finland
•   Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Vieillesse (CNAV), France
•   Caisse nationale de solidarité pour l'autonomie (CNSA), France
•   The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS), Sweden
•   Chief Scientist Office, Ministry of Health, Israel
•   Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR), Luxembourg
•   Latvian Council of Science (LCS), Latvia
•   Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI), Romania
•   Ministry of Health, Romania
•   Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Canada
•   Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK