Anastasia Meidani

University of Toulouse, Dept of Sociology

Toulouse, France

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Forms of ageing, dependency and responsibility : from public policies to the informal sector - Configurations of care and intrafamilial solidarity in France, Great Britain and Greece


The object of this research is to study the structuring role of the State, by looking at policies and social/health structures in three European countries: Great Britain, France and Greece. Alongside this rather macrosocial level, concerning broad governmental policies, the aim is to understand the rationalities and strategies, between actors in both the formal and informal sectors. Experiences of ageing effectively evolve "in correlation with" but also "alongside" the norms created by policies of dependence, when it is not "in spite of" them. This raises the question of differentiating distribution of responsibility concerning care for elderly people who are experiencing loss of autonomy. Such care involves various participants: how is care, arbitrated by the State, constructed around the elderly person, their entourage and professional workers? How does the distribution of responsibility amongst these different protagonists operate?


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