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Funder/CentreFonds National de la Recherche
Project:The MCI project: Prospective evaluation of neuropsyc...
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Fonds National de la Recherche

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The MCI project: Prospective evaluation of neuropsychological and biological characteristics of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and of associated sub-clinical health problems

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The National Research Fund (FNR) in Luxembourg has operated since 1999 as an independent institution with funding by the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research. The FNR participates in the planning of national science and technology policy with the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research and with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Main research areas

The FNR finances research activities in public institutions. One of the basic activities of the FNR consists in the planning and implementation of multi-annual research programmes in Luxembourg.

Concerning ageing research, the FNR runs two major research programmes which amongst other topics, fund research on ageing.

Programme 'BIOSAN' (Biotechnology and Health): 2001-2009. The budget for this programme is 8.5 million Euro, 2.5 million Euro of which is targeted for a specific subprogramme 'Medical Aspects of Ageing'. The BIOSAN programme funds research on the medical aspects of ageing, particularly neuro-degenerative diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc) and societal coping with these problems; elderly care; epidemiological research on these issues. Types of research undertaken concern interdisciplinary research, fundamental and clinical research, medical, epidemiology or social aspects; research should be carried out by more than one group around a major theme to be commonly addressed. The time frame is 2004-2009. Scientific target groups of the BIOSAN programme are fundamental medical and clinical researchers, epidemiologists or statisticians, pharmaceutical researchers, and to a small degree, social science researchers, and possibly also engineering scientists.

Programme 'VIVRE' (Living tomorrow in Luxembourg): 2002-2010. The budget is 12 million Euro but this programme has no specific part dedicated to ageing issues. Potential research topics in the field of ageing under the VIVRE programme are related to demography, intergenerational relations, exiting out of the labour market and social security (pension schemes), in the context of an increased proportion of elderly. Scientific target groups of the VIVRE programme are social scientists.



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