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Centre for Ageing Research (C4AR), Lancaster University

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Centre for Ageing Research (C4AR), Lancaster UniversityResearch Funder/Centre

Type of institution

Research centre



The Centre for Ageing Research conducts high quality interdisciplinary research and promotes research-led teaching around ageing, older people and age-related disease.
Our research work encompasses neuro-generative disease (particularly Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), molecular change associated with the ageing process as well as pathological developments associated with disease. Computer scientists and engineers are also working on the design and development of new technologies to support and enhance the health and well-being older people and their care-givers.  
Social scientists at Lancaster are also playing an important role in contributing to our understanding of how best to address the needs of older people and their carer-givers in ways that are both proactive and conscious of the need to place dignity, choice and independence at the forefront of care and support for older people. This kind of work seeks to answer different sorts of questions to those of bioscience and engineering etc. but it is the strength of this interdisciplinary approach that enables us to gain more detailed insights and offer more effective interventions to support a more successful ageing process.


1.To promote and conduct high-quality interdisciplinary research concerning ageing throughout Lancaster University, and beyond to national and international academic, policy, practitioner and older people's networks;
2.To establish a strong international visibility and reputation for ageing research and research-led teaching at Lancaster, that is respected by academics, policy-makers, practitioners and older people and establishes Lancaster as a major international hub for research, scholarship and debate around ageing.
3.To provide a locus for external funding applications for interdisciplinary ageing research.  Potential funders include research councils, government departments and associated agencies, local and regional service commissioners and providers, the European Commission, medical charities as well as the private and third sectors.
4.To develop postgraduate training in ageing and ageing research and to provide a major point of attraction for research and taught postgraduates in the field;
5.To develop CPD training on ageing for those tasked with planning and providing care and support for ageing populations across the UK and beyond.

Main research areas

Current projects being undertaken by core members of C4AR include:

The experiences and expectations of older people resident in care homes, their carers and professionals of end of life care and symptom relief needs
Analysis and Perspectives of integrated working in Primary care Organizations and Care Homes
Remote care interventions: ethics, gender and governance of new technologies of elderly care at home
◦Peer Education for Older Adults regarding End of Life Discussions.
development of biomarkers for dementia in old age
development of nanoparticles for improved diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease
◦MRC-funded longitudinal study on biomarkers for Parkinson's disease.
◦Development of amyloid aggregation inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Research disciplines

Basic natural sciences,Medical/Clinical Sciences/Nursing,Social/Behavioral,Economics,Demography


Ms Gill Betts (Centre Administrator)


Bowland Tower East
Lancaster University
United Kingdom


 +44 (0)1524 592127


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