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The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research & Development (ZonMw)

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The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research & Development (ZonMw)Research Funder/Centre

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ZonMw is the national health council appointed by the Ministry of Health (VWS) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to promote quality and innovation in the field of health research and care.
For both main commissioners ZonMw acts as an independent intermediary (granting and coordinating) organisation being the meeting place for policy, science and practice.


The ZonMw mission is to improve prevention, cure and care in the Netherlands by supporting and financing research, development and implementation

Main research areas

ZonMw funds a range of projects in the area of health, prevention and care, ranging from basic research to innovation and implementation projects. It attaches great value to the linking of policy, health research and practice, promoting collaboration and interaction between practice, research and policy by, for example, making research knowledge available to policy makers and practice professionals. This is supported by ensuring that research is geared to policy issues or practical experiences, or by encouraging the actual introduction of research results applicable in the daily practice of health care.

The main principals (and sponsors) define the research areas developed by ZonMw. ZonMw works each assignment into a strategically planned research programme, in consultation with experts from practice, science and policy. It invites organisations in the areas of research, practice and policy to submit project proposals within each programme which are evaluated by experts from all sectors. ZonMw monitors the progress of the projects within the programme and actively stimulates projects to lead to increasement in knowledge and the application of results to practice. ZonMw runs 7 programmes on ageing research, each aiming to develop research activities on a specific aspect of ageing and consisting of several projects. Programmes generally run for 4-6 years.

 Successful Ageing: promoting autonomy and independence of the elderly by stimulating multidisciplinary intervention-research. Runs 1998-2004, 6.9 million Euro for 6 years. 17 projects.
 Memory Processes and Dementia: multidisciplinary research (clinical, biomedical, biological, psychological) on memory processes and dementia. €4,450,200. Runs until 2005, 18 projects.
 Clinical Geriatrics. €794,115,37 runs 2001-2006. 3 projects.
 Psychiatry of the Elderly. €907,560,43, runs until 2004. 7 projects.
 Research on Care in Nursing Homes. 1.157 million Euro. Runs until 2005. 9 projects. New programme being developed.
 Research Institute on Diseases of the Elderly: an institute that brings together basic research and clinical problems to elucidate the aetiology of diseases of the elderly. 3 million Euro, runs 2000-2004. 15 projects. Possible continuation funding for 2004-2006.
 Implementation of Results from Ageing Research (LASA-study), completed 2002. €362,000. 1 project.

In addition, ZonMw funds about 140 other projects directed at ageing in other broader research programmes. It funds about 200 projects on ageing research, of which 70 projects are part of the 7 specific programmes that solely fund ageing research.



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