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Funder/CentreBulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)
Project:Statistical data base of old population in Bulgaria
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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

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Statistical data base of old population in Bulgaria

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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)Research Funder/Centre

Type of institution

Funding centre



BAS is a research funder, based on financial resources from the state budget, its own activities and international programs and projects. Founded in 1869, it was initially named the Bulgarian Literary Association but then transformed into the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1878. It consists by 42 scientific research units (institutes and laboratories), with 7400 staff (of which 3570 scholars).


The Institute of Population and Human Studies (IPHS) is only one unit that is dealing with more detailed and multidisciplinary demographic research and dissemination activities. It contributes to the implementation of the project ERA AGE-2 and FUTURAGE of the 7th Framework Program of EC. There are several projects on ageing funded by the BAS. IPHS also trains PhD students in ageing.


To promote scientific fundamental and empirical studies and methodological approaches, to train highly qualified researchers and to develop applied and advance technological activities.


The IHSP’s aims are to study population development, and apply the advance methodology, to be able to formulate policy-oriented issues.

Main research areas

  BAS covers all research areas:  natural, human, physical, engineering and technology.


IHSP deals with demographic reproduction, mortality, birth and migration accounting for social and economic environment.

Research disciplines

Basic natural sciences,Medical/Clinical Sciences/Nursing,Social/Behavioral,Economics,Demography,Engineering/Technology/Architecture


Acad. Nikola Sabotinov – President of BAS

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