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Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement - Netspar Tilburg University

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Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement - Netspar Tilburg UniversityResearch Funder/Centre

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Research centre



Netspar is a new national network for research and education in the field of pensions, aging and retirement. It is an independent network composed of academics and practitioners in the field, supported by universities as well as private and public institutions with an interest in Netspar's research topics. Netspar has been appointed as one of the Dutch Societal Top Institutes. A Societal Top Institute combines excellent scientific research with active involvement in the most important questions facing society. Netspar is committed to building a strong network of excellent academic research, professional financial institutions and a high-quality civil service in the Netherlands. The cluster aims to stimulate social innovation in addressing the challenges and opportunities raised by aging in an efficient and equitable manner and in an international setting. This social innovation should help reconcile stability and flexibility in a dynamic knowledge-based economy in order to maintain social cohesion and credible social protection, while safeguarding a well functioning labor market that utilizes and maintains human resources.


The aging of the population raises numerous policy questions at the levels of the macro economy, financial institutions and individual households. Netspar aims to increase the awareness of the macro-economic and micro-economic implications of aging and retirement policies and the interaction of these policies with innovation, risk taking and human capital formation. To that end, Netspar conducts threee coherent and innovative scientific research programs on macro-economic aspects of aging and retirement (macro), individual behavior (micro) and institutional aspects and behavior of pension funds and financial institutions (meso).

Main research areas

Netspar provides critical mass to this program by bringing together academic researchers from different fields, disciplines, backgrounds and institutions. Netspar publishes not only the results of its analysis, but also the assumptions made and makes sure that, unless in very exceptional circumstances, also the moels and data used are accessible. The ageing Issue Recent research has predicted that in Europe alone, nearly 35% of the population will be aged 60 and over by the year 2050. The issue of life expectancy has major economic implications - not only on an individual level, but also on a global scale: How do we maintain a sustainable pension system? How do pensioners spend their money and how do they make financial decisions? What is the impact of ageing on economics and finance in general? Multidisciplinary perspective The MSc in Economics and Finance of Ageing, offered by Tilburg University, addresses the various topics from a multidisciplinary perspective. So besides the economic factors, you will also be taking into consideration health issues and the sociological and psychological aspects of this worldwide problem of having a population aging at a fast rate. Netspar can offer researchers a membership in the inner ring or outer ring. The inner ring consists of senior researchers, junior researchers, Ph.D. students and affiliated researchers. The outer ring consists of other members and international research fellows. Netspar finances core researchers (senior and junior faculty as well as Ph.D. students) employed at various universities and possibly academic institutions abroad. Netspar researchers will be on the payroll of the (academic) partner. On the basis of research proposals of researchers and the quality of the researchers themselves (based on past performance), the board of directors in cooperation with external program coordinators decide on a competitive basis which researchers are funded as core researchers. Researchers funded by Netspar will write discussion papers and position papers, which highlight the implications of their research and disseminate draft versions of these papers at an early stage to partners.




P.O. Box 90153 5000 LE Tilburg The Netherlands


+31 134662109

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