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The Vardal Institute

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The Vardal InstituteResearch Funder/Centre

Type of institution

Research centre



The Vårdal Institute is a national environment for research and development in the field of health care, in close cooperation with the universities and the health care system. The Institute is funded by the Vårdal Foundation, the two regional governments responsible for delivering health care in southern and southwestern Sweden as well as the two large universities of Gothenburg and Lund. The institute has been in operation since 2002. The Institute has three components: 1) Research, 2) Postgraduate and postdoctoral studies and 3) Research dissemination, communication and exchange of knowledge between professionals - persons involved in research, education, and various health care services - and the public. The latter is above all carried out via ICT (Information and Communication Technology), conferences and study circles. The education and research is carried out within three research platforms but all activities are meant to foster interdisciplinary collaboration. The Institute has a board and is led by a coordinator and vice coordinator, and the directors of the research platforms.


The Vårdal Institute aims at being in the frontline for knowledge creation and development within the area of health care science.

The Institute aims to have an inter- and multidisciplinary approach.

The work of the Institute aims at having a future perspective putting focus on the problems and possibilities of tomorrow.

Main research areas

The Institute focuses on research and development in the field of health care. The research proceeds from the situation and experiences of the individual concerned and their experience of health care, and nursing and social service, how it functions for them and as well as for their next of kin. The research is also intended to shed light on the meaning of various concepts and phenomena commonly occurring in care and social service, such as well-being, empowerment, quality of care, or adaptation. Other research questions on which the Institute focuses concern ethical issues, health care organisation, management and management processes, the effects of changes, and the costs and results of care.

Research at the Institute is organized into three platforms, each with a director of research. The platforms concern the following three groups of patients viewed in a social context:
1. Persons with long-standing mental illness and/or functional disabilities
Research themes include: The life situation of people with long-term mental illness and their families. Participation, independence, and rights. What happened in Sweden after the psychiatric care reform which transferred responsibility for mental care to the municipalities?
2. Elderly, their health care and nursing and social service
Research themes include: Impaired health - activity and participation. Potentials and limitations in the care of the elderly. Rehabilitation and physical functioning.
3. Persons with long-standing somatic illness and/or functional disabilities
Research themes include: Power over my own life. Opportunities and obstacles for persons with long-standing illness and functional disability in the family, the health service, and society.


The Vårdal Institute


Lund University
Box 187
221 00 LUND


+46 46 222 19 32

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