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The Seneca Foundation - Science and Technology Agency of the Region of Murcia, an entity belonging to the regional public sector, was created in 1996 to cooperate in the design and implementation of programs to promote research in the Murcia region and to contribute to the development of its science, technology and innovation systems.

In its capacity as the manager of the Region of Murcia’s 2011-2014 Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (PCTIRM), and in accordance with its institutional mission, the agency participates in the planning, execution and monitoring of regional research and innovation policy as well as in defining new management models; in supporting programs promoting research talent, the creation and enhancement of scientific and technical knowledge, researcher mobility and diffusion of scientific culture, in order to achieve cooperation and internationalization.

Its function is recognized in Law 8 / 2007 of 23 April, on the promotion and coordination of research, technological development and innovation in the Region of Murcia. (Articles 14.2 and 33)


The Foundation is entrusted with the task of promoting scientific research and technical excellence in all areas of knowledge as well as the transfer and application of results, the promotion of innovative activity, and society’s appreciation of science and technology as a means to achieve results that are socially and economically relevant and attentive to the needs of our environment.

To this end, the foundation works in collaboration with multiple agencies to improve the regional R & D system’s quality and to internationalize it, increasing the capacity of its institutions, supporting researchers’ activities and strengthening the links between business and the research system. The foundation also works to achieve the recruitment, training, retaining and mobility of research talent, as well as to boost citizens’ access to and participation in science.

The main areas of action articulated in programs associated with the 2011-2014 PCTIRM are:

- Talented Researchers’ Program
- Program to Support Research and the Valorisation of Results
- Mobility, Cooperation and Internationalization Program
- Scientific and Technical Infrastructure Program
- Program to Promote Scientific Culture and Science’s Involvement in Society.

Likewise, the Foundation carries out its work in the areas of supporting public policy orientation of R&D&I through the Science and Technology Observatory’s studies and analyses, promoting scientific culture and science’s involvement in society through the Scientific Culture Unit and producing new resources and services for the regional science and technology system’s users and agents.

Main research areas

Research disciplines

Basic natural sciences,Medical/Clinical Sciences/Nursing,Social/Behavioral,Economics,Demography,Engineering/Technology/Architecture


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