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Funder/CentreDepartment of Health and Ageing (DoHA)
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Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA)

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Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA)Research Funder/Centre

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Our vision is to achieve better health and active ageing for all Australians, and the Plan enables each one of us to align our work with the priorities and goals of the Department for this purpose. It is these goals and priorities which shape our work and provide the ‘line-of-sight’ for each of us as we work for the benefit of the Australian community.

We deliver on our vision through our people, and our values define how we do this and the standards of service we provide. Our people, and the values by which we work, are together our greatest assets. We also deliver on our vision through leading and partnering with others – particularly with other agencies, other governments, and community and other stakeholders. Collaboration is core to our way of doing business.

This triennium will bring new challenges as we work together with the states and territories to implement the Government’s health and hospital reforms. These reforms will bring the largest change to our health, hospitals and aged care system since the introduction of Medicare. The changes will have far reaching impact on the work we do across the Department, particularly in prevention, primary care, acute care, aged care, mental health and workforce. The challenges before the Department in implementing the Government’s health reform agenda are unprecedented. I have every confidence the Department will meet these challenges with the professionalism and readiness to adapt that has marked our history to date.


1. Population Health
Reduced incidence of preventable mortality and morbidity in Australia.

2. Access to Pharmaceutical Services
Reliable, timely and affordable access to cost-effective medicines.

3. Access to Medical Services
Improved access to cost-effective medical, practice nursing and allied health services.

4. Aged Care and Population Ageing
Access to high quality and affordable aged care and carer support services.

5. Primary Care
Access to comprehensive, community-based primary health care.

6. Rural Health
Improved access to health services for people living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

7. Hearing Services
Reduced incidence and consequence of hearing loss.

8. Indigenous Health
Improved health outcomes for Indigenous Australians to help close the gap in life expectancy and child mortality rates.

9. Private Health
A choice in affordable, quality private health care services.

10. Health System Capacity and Quality
Improved long-term capacity, quality and safety of Australia’s health care system.

11. Mental Health
Improved mental health and suicide prevention.

12. Health Workforce Capacity
Improved capacity, quality and mix of the health workforce.

13. Acute Care
Better access to public hospitals, acute care services and public dental services.

14. Biosecurity and Emergency Response
Preparedness to respond to national health emergencies and risks.

Main research areas

Research disciplines

Medical/Clinical Sciences/Nursing,Social/Behavioral,Economics,Demography,Engineering/Technology/Architecture


GPO Box 9848
ACT 2601

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