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Gerontology Research Group

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Gerontology Research GroupResearch Funder/Centre

Type of institution

Research centre


Members of the research group:

Prof. Dr. Dieter Ferring
(Scientific director of the Master program "Gerontology" (University of Luxembourg); Coordinator of the Research Programme "Dynamics of Sustainable Social Development" (University of Luxembourg); Member of the European Federation of Psychological Associations- Task Force on Geropsychology (EFPA); Head of the Integrative Research Unit on Individual and Social Development" (University of Luxembourg); Associate editor of the " GeroPsych - The Journal of Gerontopsychology and Geriatric Psychiatry ", member of the editorial board of the " European Psychologist " and of the " European Journal of Ageing ")

Dr. Martine Hoffmann
Dr. Tom Michels
Dr. Isabelle Albert


The establishment and development of ageing research in Luxembourg, as well as the active participation within international networks of ageing research, represents the most prominent aim of the research group. The research group cooperates quite closely with other national institutes of ageing research, especially the National Research Fund, the Family Ministry and the CEPS/INSTEAD. It also participates in several European research networks.

Main research areas

Intergenerational relations - distributional justice - adult children and their ageing parents - differential parental treatment in old age - adaptation and coping in old age - life satisfaction and quality of life - autonomy and dependence - care giving and caregiver burden - technology and ageing.

Research projects:

Intergenerational relations in Luxembourg: Solidarity, ambivalence, conflict?

2007-2010 (Financed by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg)

Caring for the Elderly in Luxembourg: On the Psychosocial Situation of Family Carers

2007-2009  (Financed by the University of Luxembourg)

Technologies de l'Information pour accompagner le Vieillissement de la Population Luxembourgeoise (TIVIPOL)

2007-2010  (Financed by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg)

Principal investigator: Benoit Otjacques (CRP Gabriel Lippmann)

Content mAterials to Raise Employability and Reinforce Skills of carers - CARERS

financed by Leornardo da Vinci - Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013


EUROFAMCARE: Services for Supporting Family Carers of Elderly People in Europe: Characteristics, Coverage, and Usage (funded by the European Union; National background report for Luxembourg; 2004)

Ageing Well - European Study on Adult Well being (funded by the European Union)
Differential parental treatment in middle adulthood: Longitudinal and dyadic analyses (German Research Foundation; 2002-2003)

Selected publications:

Boll, T., Michels, T. Ferring, D. & Filipp, S.-h. (2010). Trait and state components of perceived parental differential treatment in middle adulthood: A longitudinal study . Journal of Interindividual Differences.

Askham, J., Ferring, D. & Lamura, G. (2007). Personal relationships in later life. In J. Bond, S.M. Peace, F. Dittman-Kohli, & G.J. Westerhof (Eds.), Ageing in society: An introduction to social gerontology (3rd edition) (pp. 186-208) . London: Sage.

Boll, T., Ferring, D., Filipp, S.-H. (2005). Effects of parental differential treatment on relationship quality with siblings and parents: Justice evaluations as mediators. Social Justice Research , 18(2), 155-182.

Borg C., Fagerström C., Balducci C., Burholt V., Ferring D., Weber G., Wenger G.C., Holst G., & Hallberg IR. (2007). Life satisfaction in six European countries. The relationship to health, self-esteem, and social and financial resources among people (65-89 years old) with reduced functional capacity. Geriatric Nursing , 48-57 .

Burholt, V., Windle, G. Ferring, D., Balducci, C., Fagerström, C., Thissen, F., Weber, G. & G. Wenger, C. (2007). Reliability and validity of the older Americans resources and services (OASR) social resources scale in six European countries. Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences, 62, S371-S379 .

Droogleever Fortuijn, J., Ferring, D., van der Meer, M. & Thissen, F. (2004), 'Welbevinden van Europese ouderen', Geron, tijdschrift voor ouder worden & maatschappij , 6, 4 , p. 14-18.

Drooglever-Fortuijn, J., van der Meer, M., Burholt, V., Ferring, D., Quattrini, S., Rahm.-Hallberg, I., Weber, G. & Wenger, C. (2006). The activity patterns of older adults: A cross-sectional study in six European countries. Population, Space and Place , 353-369.

Ferring, D. & Hoffmann, M. (2007). "Still the same and better off than others? Social and temporal comparisons in old age. European Journal of Ageing , 4 , 23-34.

Ferring, D. (2009). Bridging education and training in ageing and disabilities: towards translational education. International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC), Apr-Jun; 9: e31. Published online 22 June 2009.

Ferring, D. (2009). Luxembourg. In E. Palmore, F. Whittington & S. Kunkel (Eds.). International Handbook on Aging. Contemporary Developments and Research . Westport, USA: Greenwood Publishing Group.

Ferring, D. (2010). Intergenerational relations in an ageing society: Emerging topics in Europe. Journal of Intergenerational Relations , 8, 101-104.

Ferring, D., Balducci, C., Burholt, V., Thissen, F., Weber. G. & Hallberg-Rahm., I. (2004). Life satisfaction in older people in six European countries: Findings from the European Study on Adult Well-being. European Journal of Ageing , 1, 15-25.

Ferring, D., Michels, T., Boll, T. & Filipp, S.-H. (2009). Emotional relationship quality of adult children with ageing parents: on solidarity, conflict and ambivalence. European Journal of Ageing , 253-265.

Otjacques, B., Krier, M., Feltz, F., Ferring, D. & Hoffmann, M. (2009). Early lessons from the design of tactile terminals for elderly people, International Workshop on Technologies to Counter Cognitive Decline 2009 (TCCD 2009), 31 March 2009, London, UK, IEEE Computer Society Editions.

Otjacques, B., Krier, M., Feltz, F., Ferring, D. & Hoffmann, M. (2009). User-Centered Activity Management System for Elderly People 3rd International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare 2009 (Pervasive Health 2009), 1-3 April 2009, London, UK, IEEE Computer Society Editions.


Professor Dieter Ferring


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