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Funder/CentreKnowledge Foundation-KK-Stiftelsen
Programme:Information technology in health care with focus on ...
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Knowledge Foundation-KK-Stiftelsen

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Information technology in health care with focus on regional cooperation, home health care and care of the elderly (ITHS2)Research Programme


Programme type

Subtheme on ageing

Programme status


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Summary of key aims

Programme vision: to contribute to the development of a health care system; without boundaries between different geographical regions as well as between different caregivers and care levels, i.e., unbroken chains of care; which leads a to a decentralised system with regard to prevention, primary care, hospital care, rehabilitation and social services, where the focus is on the patient in his/her local environment; which through optimal use of IT gives the patient immediate access to highly specialised health care competence, based on the latest evidence in medical research and development. Overall objectives: 1) to via IT integrate, refine and utilise the collected knowledge, competence, professional skills and experience of the staff within all parts of the care system, and hereby achieve improved quality and efficiency, organisational and structural development, increased support to patients and relatives as well as support to Swedish industry. 2) that the programme shall lead to a quicker introduction in all county and municipal care districts as well among other caregivers of a well-functioning IT-system which leads to better quality of care and stronger patient influence through efficient cooperation between different levels of care and administrative systems. 3) to identify health care problems which could be solved using IT-based systems, products and services and to stimulate industry and trade to develop these types of products and services.

Management contact

Professor Håkan Eriksson
+46 856 64 81 51
Knowledge Foundation
Box 3222
S-103 64

Admin contact

Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen)
+46 8 56 64 81 00
The Knowledge Foundation
Box 3222
S-103 64 Stockholm,

Scientific contact

Prof Håkan Eriksson
+46 856 64 81 51
Knowledge Foundation
Box 3222
S-103 64

Funding contact

Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen)
+46 856 64 81 51
Knowledge Foundation
Box 3222
S-103 64

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