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Funder/CentreMinistry of Health-Italy
Programme:Alzheimer's disease programme
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Ministry of Health-Italy

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Alzheimer's disease programmeResearch Programme


Programme type

Research programme

Programme status


Total number of funded projects


Summary of key aims

Following approved national strategies, for the implementation of the National Health Plan, on 2000 the Ministry of Health devoted a specific call for proposal to a programme called "Alzheimer's disease programme" in order to focus the attention to dementia and the social impact of the disease. The programme has been articulated into 4 specific field areas: 1. Epidemiology (examining patterns, incidence, prevalence, co-morbidities and risk factors including genetics and environmental factors); 2. Experimental biology (assessing molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying nervous system defensive and reparative control on neuronal death); 3. Applied biomedical research (investigating the effects of drugs on prevention and/or control of the disease); 4. Socio-economical research (identification and application of innovative health care assistance models, improving integrated health and social service networks for the elderly and Alzheimer's disease).
The programme included 78 projects implemented by different scientific structures divided into 2 groups:
a. scientific institutes for research, hospitalisation and health care (IRCCS);
b. other public research institutions such as National Institute of Health (ISS); National Institute of Occupational Safety and Prevention (ISPESL); Regions and Autonomous Provinces.

*In order to avoid duplications, the projects included in the Alzheimer's disease programme are indicated only in this questionnaire. It is important to know that the majority of the projects involved different operative units. For example, "the Italian project on the epidemiology of Alzheimer's disease- IPREA" of the ISS included 19 operative units.

Admin contact

IRCCS, ISPESL, ISS, Regions and Autonomous Provinc

Scientific contact

Giovanni Zotta
0039 06 59941.
Ministry of Health
Viale della Civiltà Romana 7, 00144, Roma

Funding contact

Dr Bruno Campione,
0039 06 59943634
Ministry of Health
Via della Civiltà Romana 7, 00144, Roma

Is the project externally evaluated?


Who has evaluated, or will evaluate, the programme?

National Commission for Health Research

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