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Programme:SFR/FAS programme on ageing research
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FAS (Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research)

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SFR/FAS programme on ageing researchResearch Programme


Programme type

Research programme

Programme status


Total number of funded projects


Summary of key aims

The Swedish Council for Social Research (SFR) was a government body under the authority of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. SFR started its activities in 1990 and ended in 2000 when it was merged with the Swedish Council for Working Life Research. The new council is called the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS). SFR was given the task by the Swedish government in 1998 to develop an ageing research programme and in 1999 SFR received special funds to implement the programme. The programme emphasised structural aspects: long-term, stable, university-based structures, covering broad issues relevant to ageing with a high quality research component and multi-disciplinary in nature. Four types of support were included in the ageing research pro-gram-me: national institutes, research group programmes, post-doc positions and national survey. All universities were invited to apply for the institutes, 2 were awarded 6-year grants. 6 research group programmes were awarded for 6 year support in open competition, the 4 universities that did not get funds for such an institute were instead awarded funds for the appointment of 2 post doc positions each (8 altogether supported for 4 years), which they could select themselves. Those interested in carrying out the survey were invited to declare their interest and send in brief outlines, on the basis of which a few were asked to send in full applications.

Management contact

Kerstin Carsjö
++46 8 775 40 89
Box 2220
103 15

Admin contact

The Swedish Council for Social Research (SFR)
+46 8 775 40 70
Box 2220
SE-103 15

Funding contact

Kerstin Carsjö
++46 8 775 40 89
The Swedish Council for Social Research (SFR)
Box 2220
SE-103 15

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Ageing research institutes evaluated by same referees that reviewed original applications, other support forms evaluated internally after half the time has passed in order to receive additional funds

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