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Funder/CentreThe Vardal Foundation
Programme:Vardal Foundation research on elderly
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The Vardal Foundation

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Vardal Foundation research on elderly

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Vardal Foundation research on elderlyResearch Programme


Programme type

Subtheme on ageing

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Summary of key aims

"The Vardal Foundation initiates and stimulates innovative, interdisciplinary Swedish health care science and allergy research. The Foundation was formed in 1994, at the mandate of the Swedish Parliament. The Vardal Foundation has two basic research programmes, the Allergy programme and the Health Care Programme. The Vardal Foundation is the principal source of funding for Swedish health care research. Many Swedish hospitals and medical centres are under tremendous pressure today. Restructuring and budget cutbacks are straining the system and placing accelerating demands on personnel. At the same time, modern IT and other technological advances offer hope for the future. Funding is primarily oriented towards chronic illness, geriatric care, inequalities in health - particularly women's and children´s health issues - and comprehensive research in the field of health care.
The ageing research subtheme mainly consists of research on geriatrics, geriatric care, organization of elderly care as well as research on elderly and their formal and informal caregivers. Ageing research projects can also be found within the Research programme on ethics, e.g., ethical aspects of palliative care, care and services for the elderly.
The Vardal foundation also finances the Vardal Institute, which runs a national research school with focus on research into health care and nursing. One of its three research platforms concerns elderly, their care and nursing (see"

Management contact

Dag Hervieu
08-545 135 52
Vardal Foundation
Box 3210 - 103 64
Holländargatan 13

Admin contact

Vardal Foundation
08-545 135 52
Vardal Foundation
Box 3210 - 103 64
Holländargatan 13

Funding contact

Dag Hervieu
08-545 135 52
Vardal Foundation
Box 3210 - 103 64
Holländargatan 13

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The board and secretariat of the Vardal Foundation

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