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Funder/CentreMinistry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Programme:Programme Prevention I
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Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

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Programme Prevention IResearch Programme


Programme type

Subtheme on ageing

Programme status


Total number of funded projects


Summary of key aims

One of the main programmes of ZonMw is Preventive Health Service. Stimulating projects, experiments and research in the field of primary and secondary prevention.
The programme selects and funds research in all fields of prevention, such as infectious diseases, youth health care, health promotion and screening. But also projects concerning lifestyle issues, like nutrition, physical activity, sexual behaviour and the use of tobacco and alcohol.
The programme consists of five sub-programmes that cover all phases from innovation to implementation in practice. Implementation is an essential part of the sub-programmes and it's importance is emphasized in every project plan.
The prevention cycle starts with sub-programme 1 "innovative research on prevention". In this sub-programme research on new prevention interventions is carried out. Behavioural studies, especially the development of strategies to influence behaviour, and the experimental use of health effect screening are of particular interest.
Research on the effectiveness of new technology or measures and research on the cost-effectiveness of new and current interventions in preventative strategies are the main issues of sub-programme 2 "research on effectiveness and efficiency of preventative interventions".
Methodological aspects of implementation is the focus of sub-programme 3. The basic aim of this sub-programme is to ensure that the preventive interventions have been demonstrated to be effective, in any case for a specific target group.
Implementation as such is placed in sub-programme 4 "Models of practice". The same basic principle of the "proved effectiveness" is applied here. Health promotion projects, often for specific target groups such as immigrants, pregnant women, the young and the elderly, are carried out within this sub-programme.
The prevention cycle is completed with sub-programme 5 which refers to the nationwide implementation of interventions on prevention.

Management contact

Dr Marijke Janssens
+31 (0) 70-3495196
Postbox 93 245
2509 AE The Hague

Admin contact

+31(0)70-349 5279
Postbox 93 245
2509 AE The Hague

Scientific contact

Dr. Lausanne Mies
+31(0)70-349 5279
Postbox 93 245
2509 AE The Hague

Funding contact

Ir. Gerda van 't Bosch
Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport
PO Box 20350
2500 EJ The Hague

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