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Funder/CentreMinistry of Health-Italy
Programme:Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli (IOR), IRCCS
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Ministry of Health-Italy

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Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli (IOR), IRCCS

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Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli (IOR), IRCCSResearch Programme


Programme type

Research programme

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Summary of key aims

Ageing is associated with chronic low grade inflammatory response, however far from the levels evident in acute responses and in age-associated diseases that greatly influences their pathogenesis, progression and prognosis.

Modifications of cartilage, muscle and bone tissues, together with the increased risk of malnutrition and vitamin/micronutrient deficiency are involved in the reduced physical activity and resistance to infections in the elderly subjects, because many hormones and soluble factors involved in maintaining body composition can also influence the homeostasis of the immune system.

The three main topics on ageing at IOR are represented by:

1) the analysis of physiopathological modifications of immune/inflammatory response in the elderly in order to identify the characteristics that are critical for the ageing process;

2) the study of pathogenetic mechanisms of inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases (the most common pathology in subjects over-sixty year old of industrialised countries) and related advanced diagnostic methods with particular attention to intra-articular and blood soluble mediators of progressive and chronic joint damage;

3) osteoporosis, (an age-related disorder characterized by low bone mass and increased bone fragility, resulting in raised fracture risks), that, attributed to various endocrine, metabolic and mechanical factors, is recently emerging as influenced also by pro-inflammatory bone-remodelling cytokines.

Management contact

Dr Piero Picci
Via di Barbiano 1/10
40136 Bologna

Admin contact

Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli, IRCCS

Scientific contact

Dr. Saverio Gnudi
Via Pupilli 1
40136 Bologna

Funding contact

Ministry of Health & Ministry for Education, U
MOH:0039 06 59941; M
Ministry of Health: Viale della Civiltà Romana 7, 00144, Roma

Ministry for Education, Universities and Research (MIUR): Piazzale Kennedy n. 20, 00144 ROMA

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Ministero della Salute

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