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Funder/CentreFederal Ministry of Education and Research
Programme:Benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy
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Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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Benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapyResearch Programme


Programme type

Research programme

Programme status


Total number of funded projects


Summary of key aims

In view of the potential risks for women in the menopause by taking oestrogen compounds (hormone replacement therapy), the program intends to promote research approaches that are of practical relevance to the affected women and assist them and their doctors in weighing the benefits and risks of using hormone replacement therapy. The studies (clinical, epidemiological) should deal (i) with questions relevant to clinical practice/ general patient care concerning the benefits and risks of hormone therapy, (ii) dealing with questions concerning the assessment of benefits and risks by doctors and patients if the project results can be expected to benefit patients and to contribute to transparency and greater certainty or (iii) focus on the connection between certain diseases, e.g. cancer, and the use of hormone products, taking into consideration the long periods of use of such therapy in Germany.

Management contact

Dr. Siegle-Barth, Dr. Kälin
(+49) 0228 - 3821 25
Heinrich-Konen-Straße 1
D-53227 Bonn

Admin contact

(+49) 0228 - 3821 25
Heinrich-Konen-Straße 1
D-53227 Bonn

Funding contact

Dr. Kälin
Dienstsitz Bonn
Heinemannstr. 2
53175 Bonn

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