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Funder/CentreMinistry of Health-Italy
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Ministry of Health-Italy

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Italian National Institute on Aging (INRCA)-Istituto Nazionale Riposo e Cura Anziani, IRCCS

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Italian National Institute on Aging (INRCA)-Istituto Nazionale Riposo e Cura Anziani, IRCCSResearch Programme


Programme type

Research programme

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Summary of key aims

INRCA is the most important institute in the sector of ageing in Italy. It is a public body controlled by the Ministry of Health with more than 1,300 employees. INRCA carries out care (i.e. hospitalization) and research in favour of the older people. The I.N.R.C.A. research activities have been aimed at improving the integration among basic, socio-economic and clinical areas. The I.N.R.C.A. main programme's key aims are to study epidemiology, prevention and care of age-related pathologies and disability and to propose, apply, test and verify the efficacy of new models of management and assistance. Particularly, diseases as Alzheimer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer are studied. Also research on social and psychological aspects is carried out either independently or with a multidisciplinary approach. The most important research programmes are nowadays included into the following main lines: Prevention and care of disability and geriatric management; Geriatric oncology ;Aging and longevity: biological, genetics-functional and environmental determinants of longevity and senescence; Aging and age related pathologies: biological, neuro-endocrino-immunological, genetics-functional and environmental determinants of the age-related pathologies and disability; Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular complications ;Aging and drug; Social , economic and psychological research on ageing; Nutrition and Ageing.

Disciplines of research covered

Management contact

Prof Claudio Franceschi

Admin contact

IRCCS, Italian National Institute on Aging (INRCA

Scientific contact

Prof Claudio Franceschi

Funding contact

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National Committee for Health Research.

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