Institute of Population and Human Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences



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Representative to ERA-AGE

Prof. Bojimir Davidov.


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Associate prof. Genoveva Georgieva (Director)



Conducting of demographic and psychological studies on lows and determinants of population and human development. Analysis of reproductive processes and psychological mechanisms of human behavior oriented to help the authorities in performing the strategies and policies of the demographic and personal development in the circumstances in the European integration.



  1. Demographic processes and structural changes; decremented birth rate, ageing, domestic and external migration, destabilizing of the family institution, morbidity; other demographic challenges. Theories, methodologies and empirical analysis.

    Demographic behavior changes in contemporary society in the economic and demographic crises and increased population mobility.

    Integration processes and national identity regarding the ethnical, religious, etc. diversity. Societal groups and social environment psycho societal crises end values.

  2. Individual capacity of development, work and lifelong learning, institutional culture, improving of the psychological wellbeing, prevention of the negative behavioral manifestations (aggression, criminalities, intoxicating).


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