FLARE 2 Fellows awarded funding


Following a highly successful call for applications by the European Research Area in Ageing, fifteen early-career post-doctoral researchers have been awarded funding for three years under the pioneering FLARE programme (Future Leaders of Ageing Research in Europe).

Nine new FLARE 2 Fellowships have been awarded by funders in Austria, Finland, France, Israel, Luxembourg, Romania, and Sweden to projects across the disciplinary field:

  • Ana-Mara Buga, Romania
  • Anna Dahl, Sweden
  • Henna Hasson, Sweden
  • Marko Korhonen, Finland
  • Gitit Lavy-Shahaf, Israel
  • Anja Leist, Luxembourg
  • Fredrica Nyqvist, Finland
  • Nicolas Sirven, France
  • Ulrike Waginger, Austria

In addition, due to the number of high quality applications received, the Academy of Finland has funded another six FLARE applicants under an existing Finnish scheme. We are pleased to welcome six FLARE 2 Associate Fellows to the programme, who will also embody the FLARE programme's commitment to multi-disciplinary, multi-national European ageing research:

  • Petra Grönholm-Nyman, Finland
  • Ulpukka Isophkala-Bouret, Finland
  • Jenni Kulmala, Finland
  • Kathrin Komp, Finland
  • Mirka Rauniomaa, Finland
  • Monika von Bonsdorff, Finland

This is the second successful round of the FLARE programme, which was launched in 2007 with the first cohort of eighteen FLARE Fellows. The second call for applications was opened in July 2010.

FLARE is the first European programme on ageing research funded by the Member States themselves and this unique programme launched from a strong scientific consensus on the need to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to ageing research and also the need to forge strong European networks in this area, particularly with regard to supporting our early career researchers.

The European Research Area in Ageing would like to thank our peer-reviewers for their invaluable support for the programme:

  • Professor Carol Brayne (Chair), UK
  • Dr Kieran Breen, Parkinson's UK, UK
  • Dr Elizabeth Breeze, UK
  • Professor Pat Doherty, UK
  • Professor Rocio Fernandez Ballesteros, Spain
  • Professor Marie Christine Gely-Nargeot, France
  • Professor Peter Grabowski, UK
  • Professor Alain Grand, France
  • Professor Johannes Grillari, Austria
  • Professor James Goodwin, UK
  • Dr Denise Harold, Cardiff University, UK
  • Professor Catherine Hennessy, UK
  • Dr Paul Hollingworth, UK
  • Dr Lucia Migliore, Italy
  • Professor Martijn Huisman, Netherlands
  • Professor emeritus Bjorn Lindgren, Sweden
  • Dr Ignacio Sanz, USA
  • Professor Tom Scharf, Ireland
  • Mrs Elizabeth Schlater, UK
  • Professor Shai Shoham, Israel
  • Professor Liz Williams, UK

For more information on the activities of the FLARE Fellows, please visit the ERA-AGE 2 website www.era-age.group.shef.ac.uk