FLARE Summer School June 2008



Örenäs Castle, Sweden


The first highly successful FLARE Summer School for FLARE fellows was hosted by a partner organisation, the Swedish Council for Working Life (FAS) and the Vardal Foundation for Health Care Sciences and Allergy Research in Sweden. The one-week Summer School comprised lectures and presentations given by multidisciplinary experts in the field of ageing and sessions on strategic career themes for post doctoral scholars such as the development of leadership skills, developing research teams and funding strategies.

 The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research hosted the school with The Vardal Foundation for Health Care Sciences and Allergy Research, the Swedish Vardal Institute for Health Sciences and ERA-AGE.  All 18 FLARE fellows participated who represent­ed eight countries (Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Romania, Sweden and United Kingdom). Three post doctoral fellows from Bulgaria, Norway and Spain (selected by ERA-AGE partner organisations who did not participate in FLARE funding call) and five fellows from the Vardal Institute were also present making a total of 26 parti­cipants.

 The research fields of summer school participants truly reflected the diversity of ageing research including biology, medicine, genetics, public health, psychology, sociology, social work, health sciences, economics, ethics and law. 

 The objectives of the 2008 FLARE summer school included the following:

 to provide a meeting place for junior and senior ageing researchers representing different disciplines in order to facilitate information exchange and enhance understanding of inter/multidisciplinary approaches

  • to facilitate orientation on European ageing research policies
  • to highlight the frontiers of research in different fields of ageing research
  • to develop skills needed for furthering a career in ageing research including leadership
  • to give participants the opportunity to present and discuss their own research.



 Please see following report for full details.

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22- 27th June 2008 - Örenäs Castle, Sweden