FLARE Summer School September 2010



Varna, Bulgaria



The second FLARE Summer School was focused on two key themes:

European Project management:

  • "How to coordinate European projects"
  • "How to lead cross-national teams"  

How to bridge gaps in culture, discipline and data:

  • Working in a multi disciplinary way
  • How to bring people's work (from different cultural, disciplinary,... backgrounds) together 
  • Differences between East and West Europe



Please download the event documents below.

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SS2 Programme

The final programme for the Summer School 28-30th September 2010.

Elka Todorova - University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

Lecture: Challenges Facing the Eastern European Researchers and the NMS and Bulgarian Future Ageing Research Priorities

Gill Wells - Senior EU Consultant, PNO

Lecture: Coordinating European Research Projects