FLARE Joint Call

FLARE is the first European programme on ageing research funded by the Member States themselves.

FLARE has two innovative features: part of the fellowship must be spent in another country and involve a cross-disciplinary collaboration. These novel features reflect the strong scientific consensus in ERA-AGE meetings on the need to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to ageing research and also a European networking in this area. Another key priority for both scientists and end users is the support of the next generation of researchers on ageing, hence the title, ‘Future Leaders of Ageing Research in Europe' (FLARE).

The first pilot project - FLARE 1 - was launched in February 2007 when the joint programme provided eighteen 3 year post-doctoral fellowships for recently qualified scientists.

The second call - FLARE 2 - was launched in 2010 and is now closed.   In August 2011 the final results from the FLARE 2 funding call were announced, with the successful award of fifteen fellowships.

ERA-AGE 2 would like to thank our esteemed panel of FLARE 2 reviewers for supporting this project.

No further FLARE calls are currently planned.

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  • Introducing the FLARE FellowsProfile of FLARE Fellows from both cohorts
  • FLARE 2 peer review meetingERA-AGE would like to extend heartfelt thanks to our team of reviewers who kindly volunteered their time and expertise to review the FLARE 2 applications.
  • FLARE Summer SchoolsFLARE Summer Schools bring together FLARE Fellows (past and present) and other post-docs from ERA-AGE partner countries in three days of lectures, discussion groups, networking and social events.