Fonds National de la Recherche, Luxembourg

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Norman Fisch

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Frank Glod, Programme Manager (Biomedical Research):
Ulrike Kohl, Programme Manager (PhD and Postdoc grants):


The National Research Fund (FNR) in Luxembourg has operated since 1999 as an independent institution with funding by the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research. The FNR participates in the planning of national science and technology policy with the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research and with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The FNR finances research activities in public institutions. One of the basic activities of the FNR consists in the planning and implementation of multi-annual research programmes in Luxembourg.

Concerning ageing research, the FNR has no exclusive funding instrument, but its general schemes are open to research on ageing: one is the multiannual CORE programme (its strands on social sciences and biomedical as well as health research) and the other is the AFR PhD and postdoc grant scheme open to early stage researchers without thematic limitations.

Under the CORE programme, the next annual call deadline for pre-proposals is early 2011. The budget per annual call is approx. 20 million EUR for all thematic domains.

Under the AFR scheme, there are two annual calls for each PhD and postdoc grants, one in spring and one in autumn. The annual budget for all calls is around 20 million EUR, of which approx. two thirds are allocated to PhD and one third to postdoc proposals.  


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