FORUM 7 - FUTURAGE workshop



Renaissance Hotel and European Parliament, Brussels


On 11 May 2010 the European Forum hosted the first Stakeholder workshop of the FUTURAGE project, to examine the future of ageing research in Europe. Please browse the programme, presentations  and final report below.

In the morning, the workshop consisted of presentations from the first round of national consultations and scientific priority setting across four themes – biogerontology, social & economic resources, environments of ageing, healthy ageing - and open discussion, held at the Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse.

The afternoon was spent at the European Parliament, hosted by the STOA Panel of MEPs (Science and Technology Options Assessment). This workshop focused on the importance of ageing research for Europe’s future.  This session was broadcast live from the European Parliament on May 11th between 14.30 and 18.30, and can be watched from this link.


 Please download the event programme, presentations and the final report below.

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FORUM 7 - 11 May 2010(3)
Summary information(3)

FORUM May 2011 programme

Full programme, finalised and corrected

Final report

The full report from the 7th FORUM meeting on 11 May 2010.

Morning presentations(6)

Alan Walker - University of Sheffield (am)


Giovanni Lamura - INRCA (am)

Emerging Research Themes and Issues in the Field of Socio-Economic Resources

Carol Jagger - Newcastle University (am)

Healthy Ageing - Emerging Research Themes and Issues

James Goodwin - Age UK (am)

Report from the User Involvement Workshop

Afternoon presentations(9)

Alan Walker - University of Sheffield (pm)

ERA-AGE 2 and FUTURAGE – Shaping the Future of Ageing Research

Pēteris Zilgalvis - European Commission (pm)

European Health Research Opportunities for Funding

Ines Guerreiro - Portuguese Ministry of Health (pm)

Room for research on a new integrated care system for aged people

Stathis Gonos - NHRF (pm)

Biogerontology: towards a new ageing research agenda

Giovanni Lamura - INRCA (pm)

Social and Economic Resources

James Goodwin - Age UK (pm)

The Essential Elements of the Road Map - The User Perspective

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