FORUM 8 - The role of technology in achieving extended life years



Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna


"The role of technology in achieving extended life years"

ERA-AGE 2 is collaborating with the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna to stage a European Forum meeting examining the role of technology in achieving extended life years. Presentations and discussion will examine the scientific, end user, and private sector perspective and introduce key European projects underway in this area.



Please download the event programme, presentations and the final report below

Related Files

FORUM 8 - 1 March 2011(10)

Loris Di Pietrantonio,DG INFSO, European Commission

European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) – first pilot test on ‘Active and Healthy Ageing’

PDF, 942 KB Di Pietrantonio.pdf

Gerda Geyer, FFG, Austria

Ambient Assisted Living – an update

PDF, 408 KB Geyer.pdf

Benjamin Knapp, Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom

BRAID: Bridging Research in Ageing and ICT Development

PDF, 2.6 MB Knapp.pdf

Monika Lechleitner, Medical Director, Federal Hospital Hochzirl, Austria

Technology and therapy control for geriatric patients

PDF, 1.7 MB Lechleitner.pdf

Leela Damodaran, Department of Information Science, Loughborough University, UK

Achieving and sustaining digital inclusion of older people : some key challenges

PDF, 2 MB Damodaran.pdf

Günter Lepperdinger , Institute for Biomedical Aging Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

New technologies emerging from biogerontology research – what is utopia, what is reality?

PDF, 2.6 MB Lepperdinger.pdf