Henna Hasson

Karolinska Institutet, Medical Management Centre (MMC)

Stockholm, Sweden

Henna Hasson


Successful implementation of improvement programs in elderly care.


Research related to developing evidence-based practices has increased significantly during the past decade. However, the science related to implementing these programs with success and good outcomes for care recipients lags far behind. Thus, after a great amount of intervention research in elderly care very little is known about how to successfully implement new work practices in elderly care organizations. The aim of this project is to systematically evaluate implementation processes of innovative improvement programs in elderly care. The purpose is twofold: 1) to identify organizational and individual factors facilitating and hindering implementation of innovative interventions in elderly care setting and 2) to further develop theoretical concepts and evaluation models for implementation research. Multiple data collection methods (repeated questionnaire surveys, interviews, observations and document analyses) are used to longitudinally investigate the implementation of two complex interventions.

The interventions represent common improvement programs: an integrated care chain for frail older people living in their own homes and education and support program on palliative care for staff and leaders working in nursing home. The currently most complete framework for designing an implementation evaluation, The Conceptual Framework for Implementation Fidelity, was used to plan the data collection and analyses. Data collection is conducted during the entire intervention period. It started in 2008 and will finish in June 2012. The project will have scientific impact on implementation science and organizational behaviour research. In addition, it will contribute with new perspectives to research fields conducting experimental research such as medicine and nursing. Practical contributions will include new knowledge concerning how innovative work practices or other improvement initiatives can be efficiently and successfully disseminated in elderly care organizations.

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