Ireland - The Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (CARDI)

Representative to ERA-AGE

Dr Roger O’Sullivan – Director of CARDI


The Centre for Ageing Research and Development in Ireland (CARDI) is a not for profit organisation developed by leaders from the ageing field across Ireland (north and south). CARDI focuses on promoting research cooperation across sectors and disciplines and influencing the direction of research on ageing and older people.

CARDI's mission is to advocate for and advance the ageing research agenda by identifying, coordinating, stimulating, and communicating strategic research on ageing and older people as a means to improve the lives of older people in Ireland especially those who are most disadvantaged.

CARDI's approach focuses on:

  • Identifying and establishing ageing research priorities relevant to policy and practice
  • Promoting collaboration and cooperation to build an ageing research community
  • Stimulating research in priority areas to inform policy and practice
  • Communicating strategic research to raise the profile of ageing research

An integral part of CARDI’s work is our ageing research grants programme which aims to stimulate interdisciplinary research on ageing issues across the island of Ireland. CARDI’s grants programme provides funding to north-south research partnerships and encourages studies that bring together different disciplines and sectors across the island of Ireland in ways that can help improve the lives of older people and help plan for changing demographics and environments.

CARDI has to date awarded funding to 25 research projects and networks through its grants programme. These projects cover a wide spectrum of research, reflecting the huge range of issues relevant to the ageing research agenda. They bring together researchers from many disciplines including medicine, gerontology, economics, psychology, physics, geography and sociology to work together in a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary manner.

The projects, funded by CARDI, deal with a wide range of issues of concern to older people and policy makers including: income inequalities, access to pensions, dementia care, malnutrition, fuel poverty, elder abuse, transport and environment, inappropriate prescribing and medical treatment, social exclusion and planning for the costs of long-term care.

More information

CARDI’s website provides access to all funded project reports as well an extensive library of research on ageing and policy publications, research contacts, the latest news, funding and events relating to research on ageing and older people.