The Israeli Ministry Of Health (CSO-MOH)

Representative to ERA-AGE                                                                 

Dr. Benny Leshem, Director ,The Medical Research Administration, Israeli Ministry of Health    

Other contacts

Dr. Irit Allon, ERA-AGE 2 National Coordinator


Ageing research in Israel is supported by several funding organizations, however, the Ministry of Health, through the Research Fund of the Chief Scientist Office (CSO-MOH), is the major governmental source of such support. CSO-MOH funds research in ageing carried out in universities, research centers and hospitals, (general as well as geriatric).

In addition, as a part of its strategic approach to ageing research and health, the Ministry of Health, through its Geriatrics Department, funds projects in Myers-JDC- Brookdale Institute including its Center for Research on Ageing and the Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy.

Altogether, the annual funding of the Ministry towards ageing research is approximately 1,000,000 Euro. Through contacts formed with the Ministry of Aged people, the Ministry of Health was able to almost double the support for ageing research from all its complexity and multidisciplinary aspects.