Professor Alan Walker - Director


Professor Alan Walker is Director of the European Research Area in Ageing and The UK New Dynamics of Ageing Programme, also Professor of Social Policy and Social Gerontology at the University of Sheffield, UK. Previously he was Director of the Economic and Social Research Council's Growing Older Programme, the UK National Collaboration on Ageing Research and the European FORUM project. He is co-founder and Chair of the European Foundation on Social Quality. He was a member of the Technical Committee responsible for drafting the Revised UN Plan of Action on Ageing. Previously he chaired the European Commission's Observatory on Ageing and Older People. He has been researching and writing on ageing and related issues for nearly 30 years and has published more than 20 books, 200 reports and 300 scientific papers. Recent books include The New Generational Contract; Ageing Europe; Combating Age Barriers in Employment; The Politics of Old Age in Europe; The Social Quality of Europe; and Growing Older: Understanding Quality of Life in Old Age. He has held visiting Chairs in Canada, China, Israel and Japan. As well as being a scientist Alan Walker is an active participant in older people's organisations as patron of the UK National Pensioners' Convention and the Greater London Forum for the Elderly.

Recent Publications:

Understanding Quality of Life in Old Age(edited), Maidenhead, Open University Press/McGraw Hill, 2005, 209pp.

East Asian Welfare Regimes in Transition- from Confucianism to Globalisation (edited with C K Wong), Bristol, Policy Press, 2005, 235pp.

Growing Older in Europe(edited), Maidenhead, Open University Press/McGraw Hill, 2005, 295pp.

Understanding Quality of Life in Old Age, Papers from the UK Economic and Social Research Council Growing Older Programme, (edited) Special Issue of Ageing and Society, Vol. 24, Part 5, 2004, 157pp.

Growing Older - Quality of Life in Old Age(edited with C. Hagan Hennessy) Maidenhead, Open University Press/McGraw Hill, 2004, 268 pp.

Social Quality: A Vision for Europe(edited with W. Beck, L. van der Maesen and F. Thomèse ) The Hague and Cambridge (Mass, USA) Kluwer Law International, 2001.

Older Workers and Retirement Issues(edited with V. Marshall) Special Issues of Ageing International, Vol. xxv, nos. 2 and 3, 2000, Part 1, pp.1-91, Part 2, pp.1-87.

The Politics of Old Age in Europe(edited with G. Naegele) Buckingham, OU Press, 1999, 230 + viiipp.

Combating Age Barriers in Employment - A European Portfolio of Good Practice(with P. Taylor), Luxembourg, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1998, 211 + xpp.

Politische Beteiligung älter Menschen in Europa(edited with A. Carell, V. Gerling, C. Marking and G. Naegele), Bonn, Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend, 1997, 233 pp.

European Home and Community Care 1998/99(ed.), London, Campden Publishing, 1998, pp.160 (ISBN 1 898 750 51 3).

Combating Age Barriers in Employment - European Research Report, Luxembourg, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1997, 155 pp. Also published in French and German.

Ageing and Welfare Change in Europe - Prospect and Future, Tokyo, Minerva, 1997, 200 + vi pp. (anthology translated by M and K Watanabe).

The Social Quality of Europe(edited with W. Beck and L. van der Maesen) The Hague and Cambridge (Mass, USA), Kluwer Law International, 1997, 321 + xv pp. Temporary Edition published by the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, with a synopsis in French, German, Italian, Greek, Finnish, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish.

Paperback edition: Bristol, The Policy Press, 1998, pp. 379 + xviii (ISBN 1 86134 0869).

Britain Divided: The Growth of Social Exclusion in the 1980s and 1990s(edited with C. Walker), London, CPAG Ltd, 1997, 308pp (ISBN 0946744 91 2).

Ageing Europe(with T.Maltby), Buckingham, Open University Press, 1997, 149 + x pp.

Sociology of Aging - International Perspectives(edited, with V. Minichiello, N. Chappell and H. Kendig), Melbourne, International Sociological Association, 1996.

Changing Services for Older People - The Neighbourhood Support Units Innovation(with L Warren), Buckingham, Open University Press, 1996, 185pp + vii.

The New Generational Contract: Intergenerational Relations, Old Age and Welfare(edited), London, UCL Press, 1996, 241pp. (ISBN 1-85728-211-6/212-4).

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