Sandra Torres

Linköping University, National Institute for the study of Ageing and Later Life

Norrrköping, Sweden

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Elderly care in a globalised world: a study of cross-cultural interaction in the context of Swedish elderly care


This project departs from the effects that globalization has on the context of Swedish elderly care by focusing on the challenges and possibilities that cross-cultural interaction poses in this particular setting. Designed as an ethnographic study, this project aims to shed light on how elderly care providers and recipients perceive and relate to those that are ethnically/ culturally different from them and how the perceptions and behaviors in question facilitate and/or inhibit the deliverance of high quality and user friendly elderly care. The empirical data -which has already been collected and is being transcribed at present - is comprised of over 330 hrs of participant observation in two nursing homes over a period of twelve weeks as well as a total of 37 semi-structured interviews.


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